Rental Application Form

Rental Application Form

LJ Hooker Nelson Bay Rental Application Form

The rental process can be very daunting for some, especially if you have not done it for a while or if it is your very first time. We want to help you make this process a little easier by providing our rental application form on our website.

Remember you must view the property you wish to apply for, or at least have someone you trust view it for you.

To be organised for the inspection please have all of your paperwork ready to hand to our agent at the inspection. You will need to have all forms filled out completely, with copies of all accompanying paperwork provided.


  • Birth Certificate/Medicare Card/Bank Card    -   20 points
  • Drivers Licence/Passport/Proof of Age Card   -   40 points
  • Tenant Rent Ledger/Rental Reference/ Copy of Lease   -    40 points
  • Rates Notice   -   40 points
  • Copy of Bank Statement (Current 3 months minimum)   -   20 points
  • 2 current pay slips and letter of employment   -  20 points  
  • Evidence of Benefits forms  -   10 points

PROOF OF IDENTIFICATION - one of the following is required to complete your application

  • Current Drivers Licence
  • Current Passport
  • Current Proof of Age Card

PROOF OF INCOME - one of the following is required to complete your application

  • 2 current pay slips - dated within last month (if paid monthly, last 2 months required)
  • Written reference from your employer confirming your salary, length of time at the company and your position there

If you are self employed we also require one of the following

           - Details of your accountant
           - Last 2 (two) years tax returns
           - Copy of the business registration

RENTAL HISTORY - one of the following is required to complete your application

  • Copy of the Lease Agreement
  • Written reference from your previous managing agent (on letterhead) or landlord
  • Tenant Ledger - this can be obtained from your managing agent

PROOF OF RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS - we require 2 (two) of the following documents

  • Phone bill
  • Electricity bill
  • Gas bill

Note - If you have previously owned your own home, please provide

  • Council rates
  • Details of your selling/managing agent

Your application will not be processed unless the property has been viewed and all paperwork is provided.

As you can imagine we received multiple applications for all properties. If you are not approved for your first choice please do not take it personally. The key to success is persistance; keep looking and applying and you will eventually find a place to call home. GOOD LUCK!